• Implementation of safety functions without the use of any operation software and operating system,
  • Reduction in the time necessary for software verification in the design phase,
  • Parallel processing of all control algorithms within one cycle, and proven deterministic timing characteristics due to parallel operation of control algorithms,
  • Flexibility of the I&C platform which can be configured for any type of functions and reactor designs,
  • Easy modification of control logic without any need for hardware modification,
  • Possibility of implementing all safety requirements in integrated safety I&C systems,
  • Resistance to internal failures and external environmental impacts,
  • Resilience to obsolescence due to the portability of the Hardware Description Language (HDL) code BETWEEN various FPGA-chips produced by different manufacturers,
  • Specific beneficial properties regarding cyber security that are different from those of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based technologies:
  • Use of HDL codes (usually in VHDL or Verilog) without the need for an operating system for FPGA programming. At the present time, there are no known viruses and malware for HDL,
  • FPGA-based designs and operation do not rely on an operating system and therefore do not have hidden, unused capabilities that can be attacked,
  • HDL code is located in flash memory (separated chip) without having a physical access for modification,
  • FPGA programming and reprogramming can be done only through a special interface. It is impossible to connect common storage media or communication devices that could infect the control logic code, as it was in case with the w32.Stuxnet worm,
  • FPGA-based devices have simpler and transparent designs (compared to conventional PLC-based solutions). Malicious designs can be more likely detected by V&V processes.


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