Fire Alarm System (FAS1)

Fire Alarm System FAS1 is designed to perform the following:
  • The Fire Alarm System FAS1 is designed to provide fire detection and protection for safety of personnel, buildings, and equipment of a nuclear power plant, industrial enterprises and any other facilities by fast detection of the fire location and prompt transfer of appropriate information to operating personnel. The FAS1 system also serves as fire protection to control fire-suppression units, HVAC fire and smoke response, and other automated action required for handling fire emergencies.
  • The Fire Alarm System FAS1 is an I&C system that performs its functions using information transmitted from fire detectors installed in any protected premises and facilities.
  • The Fire Alarm System FAS1 is designed as a system that allows for increased informational data to operators and automated control systems to properly track and understand the current status of any area under fire detection and control.
  • The Fire Alarm System FAS1 is intended for joint operation with any addressable detectors produced both in Ukraine and worldwide which are designed for connection to the system using two-wire 24 VDC system.
Fire Alarm System FAS1 has the following technical features:
  • The Fire Alarm System FAS1 has module structure and self-diagnostics system that provides prompt faults detection without disruption of the Fire Alarm System FAS1. Fault detection and diagnostics capabilities are such that faults or failures are detected all the way down to the fire detector component level.
  • Fire Alarm System FAS1 is designed for continuous round-the-clock operation during all expected service life (24/7). Average service life of the system is not less than 30 years.


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