The first generation of RPC Radiy’s products, called Unified Hardware System equipment (UKTS), was introduced in 1995. The main purpose of using UKTS was to replace obsolete NPP equipment that was no longer available on the market. Within the next six years, about 10,000 UKTS modules housed in approximately 700 UKTS cabinets, were manufactured and supplied to Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

In 1998 RPC Radiy developed a new generation of UKTS-DPI modules and cabinets with digital signal processing, noise-elimination functions and built-in diagnostics function. In these modules, FPGA technology was used for the first time to implement control logic. In the subsequent years, more than 50,000 of such modules were installed in NPPs.

Parallel with manufacturing and installing the UKTS-DPI modules, the development of a new concept of an FPGA-based I&C platform was initiated in 2002. This new platform, called RADIY Platform, eventually replaced the UKTS-DPI platform, whose main disadvantage was that it was designed for single-purpose applications.

The RADIY Platform is module-based, including modules such as logic modules, diagnostic modules, digital and analogue I/O modules, special purpose modules, like ultra-low current I/O modules for processing neutron flux signals. More than 70 RADIY Platform based safety and control systems have been produced and installed in operating nuclear power plants. Examples are RTSs, ESFASs, and RPCLSs.

The latest development is the introduction of the FPGA-based Digital Instrumentation and Control Platform RadICS. This is a new generation product, designed in 2011 on the basis of an earlier Radiy platform having more than 10 years of experience in platform design, manufacturing, operation, and maintenance. The RadICS platform provides IEC 61508:2010 SIL-3 architecture in individual chassis, fast response time (less than 5 ms) and a comprehensive set of functional modules.


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