I&C modernization projects are performed in the context and support of the overall NPP goals, objectives, and internal and external commitments. The goals and objectives of NPPs are defined substantially by the utilities long-term and short- term business plans. The commitments are established basically from external requirements and agreements.

Examples of plant goals are to minimize the cost of producing power and to become a top performer plant in the world. Examples of plant objectives are to reduce the number of unplanned outages, to reduce the length of planned outages, and to increase plant availability. Examples of external plant commitments are agreements with and requirements from the nuclear licensing authorities and local governments (including satisfying the relevant laws), as well as with the public and the stockholders [4].

Generic I&C modernization goals are the following:
  • increase of reliability and availability of NPP I&C systems;
  • safe operation of NPP units;
  • extension of NPP units life;
  • ecological and efficient electricity production with minimum cost;
  • compliance to safety standards and requirements that have changed with time and technology.
From a technical point of view I&C modernization is connected with replacing obsolete equipment with new equipment, that can satisfy requirements to:
  • seismic resistance (aseismic stability);
  • fire resistance;
  • diagnostic and self-diagnostic features;
  • external interfaces;
  • human-machine interface;
  • long-term supply of spare parts.
An I&C modernization project is typically a multi-step process that is performed within the planned durations of existing outages for refuelling and scheduled maintenance work. In this case, the following factors become important:
  • time required for replacement and commissioning;
  • ability of new equipment to work with existing equipment, including the old ones, which will be replaced at a later stage.


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