RPC Radiy takes a full responsibility of dispatching and delivering I&C systems together with all the documentation required for Customer and certain sets of spare parts as stipulated in the contract.

RPC Radiy provides production safety in the process of storage packaging and delivery to the Customer. Methods used during this stage warrant safe preservation to protect I&C systems and components against environmental induced corrosion, damage and degradation during the storage, handling and delivery of the commodity to its ultimate destination at the lowest reasonable cost. Equipment is supplied to the customer with the required documentation.

Storage and packaging procedures make sure that:
  • Packaging all elements and items of equipment is checked for integrity, absence of damages and presence of labelling. All damaged and defective items must be removed and substituted;
  • Transported equipment is packed into containers appropriate for the selected transportation mode. Appropriate packaging provides protection against corrosive and mechanical damages;
  • Copy of packing list reliably is attached to a container and protected against humidity and mechanical damages.

Packaging, storage and delivery of items are subjects of procedures applied by Radiy. These procedures describe the requirements and activities for guaranteeing safety, protection against damage, deterioration or loss of quality. RPC Radiy guarantees that products not meeting specified requirements are properly identified and controlled to avoid unintended use or supply to a user, and determines control means, division of responsibilities, and duties for handling unsuitable products.

The mentioned processes are applied also to products components. To assure production storage, the required storage and transportation conditions are maintained, as well as the appropriate equipment in accordance with the production and its components technical documentation requirements.


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