Design Bureaus

RPC Radiy provides a full range of design activities with issuing all documents required for hardware and software design. In addition to producing the modules and chassis of RPC Radiy main FPGA-based platform, RadICS (the “heart” of Radiy’s I&C systems, see Section 3.5), RPC Radiy designs other hardware components such as cabinets and non-FPGA-based equipment.

RPC Radiy’s Design Bureaus include the following units:
  • Design Bureau of I&C Systems develops design documentation and software of instrumentation and control systems of technological processes for NPPs and other power engineering and industrial facilities;
  • Design Bureau of Fire Safety Automatic Control develops design documentation and software of fire alarm systems and video surveillance control systems for NPPs and other power engineering and industrial facilities;
  • Design Bureau of Electrotechnical Equipment develops equipment for reactor power control and limitation systems, electrical distribution cabinets for automatic control of technological equipment, distribution and transformation of energy;
  • Design Bureau of Physical Processes Analysis develops industrial seismic sensors and seismic protections systems;
  • Design Bureau of Software and Hardware Systems develops new platforms and systems, performs reverse engineering and supports Radiy activities during international projects.

The effective and safe use of human resources, processes and qualified tools is not only the main goal and responsibility of the Company’s top management and technical departments, but it also extends to each and every employee.

During its projects implementation, RPC Radiy has accumulated and established the best design practices aimed at achieving compliance with the general design and quality assurance requirements for I&C systems having safety roles as given in IEC 61508, as well as the specific requirements for nuclear I&C systems as given in IAEA safety standards and IEC standards for nuclear facilities.

All design processes are performed in accordance with IEC, IAEA, and national requirements, as well as Radiy’s Company Quality Management System (QMS) requirements.

In the past 15 years RPC Radiy designers have gained an extensive experience in the development of instrumentation and control systems for pressurized water reactors (PWR) and research reactors (see reference list in Chapter 4). The FPGA design practices of RPC Radiy is based on the company’s own experiences and continuous improvement processes, as well as the best international FPGA design practices [1].

RPC Radiy also shares its FPGA-related experience with the international NPP community to make the FPGA technology and its potentials know to the nuclear industry. [2].

Application of only qualified tools from well-known vendors helps avoiding human errors during software and hardware development.

The Company technical departments and top management support the designers’ professional development. Training of designers is performed on the regular basis to achieve the assurance of the appropriate qualification level for the staff involved in design and development activities. These training courses are also delivered to the staff of the Company’s software developing units. All training activities are performed according to Company’s QMS standards. Company designers have not only strong technical skills, but working-level English language skills as well. It allows them to participate in the technical discussions and meeting with foreign customer together with the representatives of the Company’s technical departments.


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