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Global nuclear business development and our Company’s sphere of business activity demand foreign language competence, a broad range of communication skills, continuous research and analysis to ensure that we respond to the needs of the customers in the most effective manner possible.

Striving to meet these requirements Radiy’s International Projects Department accumulates core expertise to liaise with international organizations and identify opportunities to provide technical assistance and outreach efforts to introduce our products and services to our existing and potential partners.

The International Projects Department was created with the goal of strengthening ties between PC RPC Radiy and its international partners in order to promote Radiy’s products that are particularly suitable for the use in nuclear industry and to provide greater competition advocacy to the state-of-the art technology. The Department is the main point of contact for all our existing and potential customers and project clients. Empowered by enthusiastic international project leaders, the team works closely with various divisions and units of the Company to ensure an efficient process flow from proposal preparation to the timely delivery on all projects.

Members of the International Projects Department and the Technical Department are jointly taking part in customer-specific activities, such as technical visits, negotiations, responding to requests for proposals in bids, clarification on technical specifications. In addition, staff members promote Radiy’s products and services at international conferences, user group meetings, trade shows, and exhibits.

The services offered by the International Projects Department include:
  • Activities on scientific and technical cooperation with international companies and organizations (data acquisition, international business link establishment, business planning, specialists exchange, work with foreign specialists);
  • Technical and commercial negotiations with foreign companies representatives;
  • Development and monitoring activities on foreign agreements and contracts execution;
  • Data storage on the international experience in solving specific technical and organizational issues;
  • Development and translation of specific technical documentation;
  • Making arrangements for participation in the international conferences, meetings, exhibitions and workshops;
  • Development of technical reports;
  • Development of Company’s corporate style by arranging workshops and seminars on project management;
  • Development of the official corporate web-site, as well as other information and advertising resources;
  • Translation and interpretation services for the Company’s specialists and foreign delegations during negotiations and meetings, translation of catalogues, booklets, magazines and other technical documentation;
  • Coordination of the international projects in progress;
  • Development of trustworthy relations with our consulting companies;
  • Arranging training courses oriented towards successful projects implementation and improving professional skills of working in a foreign language environment.

The International Projects Department assures moving of our Company’s knowledge, experience and practice forward through effective collaboration and cooperation with our customers. It works to advance our professional achievements in business success.


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