The continued safe and economical operation of nuclear power plants (NPPs) requires the modernization of its control and safety systems to cope with obsolescence and age-related degradation. Changes and upgrades made in these systems also affect their digital instrumentation and control systems (I&C), and human-machine interface systems in the control rooms.

Nuclear utilities may choose to embark on a one-time large-scale modernization project of their I&C systems in a single maintenance outage, or they may do several smaller subsystem-by-subsystem modernization steps spread over a number of outages. The design, manufacturing and installation tasks to replace existing I&C systems are usually done by external companies and contractors with the close project supervision of the NPPs technical departments.

Research and Production Corporation (RPC) Radiy has a long history of working with operating NPPs and installing new I&C systems in turn-key projects. The company uses the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology to provide custom-specific digital I&C systems in the nuclear power industry.

The company is a pioneer in the design, manufacturing, and installation of FPGA- based I&C systems for nuclear power plants and research reactors. With over 100 systems installed to-date and Safety Integrity Level (SIL)-3 certification for the new RadICS platform, Radiy’s demonstrated technological expertise is paving the way for increased safety and efficiency in the nuclear field. We provide a wide variety of I&C solutions ranging from full-scope turn-key modernization projects to reverse engineering and board-level, like-for-like replacement address ageing and obsolescence, both in safety and non-safety category applications.


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Pioneer in the Design, Manufacturing & Installation of FPGA-Based Instrumentation & Control (I&C) Systems

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