SS KhNPP takes part in FAT for vibration-measuring system VMS-1

In November 21-22 Public Company Research and Production Corporation Radiy held Factory Acceptance Testing for vibration-measuring system VMS-1 according the Company’s Order # 120 dated 17.11.2017. 

The tested equipment was designed and developed for Khmelnitski Nuclear Power Plant. The customer’s representative - chief metrologist -  took part in the FAT and witnessed testing procedures.

Before conducting FAT, VMS-1 was calibrated and preliminary tested in the Company’s testing laboratory to check if it meets all requested technical requirements described in the Technical Specification and its Appendix.

Thus, the lower level of mechanical vibrations, which is specified by the testing vibro-set unit, is now extended from 2 to 1 Hz with the non-linear distortions coefficient of no more than 5%.  Also, the Appendix says that the upper level of the measuring frequency range for vibro-measuring device VMD-1 and  for vibro-measuring multichannel device VMMD-1 extends from 1000 to 2000 Hz with remaining measuring accuracy. That allows to do vibration measuring in a wider frequency range.

The FAT committee confirmed that the tested equipment complies with all requirements, the VMS-1 technical characteristics and its quality meets criteria of Ukrainian regulatory documents.

The approved equipment is going to be sent to the Customer at the end of November, 2017.


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