Energy-efficient LED luminaires of SES series are designed for illumination of all categories of automobile roads, square areas, yard areas, parking lots and gasoline stations, industrial facilities and workshops, railway platforms, bus stations, loading ramps, etc.

Advantages of LED illumination:
  • Operation life of energy-efficient LED luminaire is up to 60,000 hours of real time that is equivalent to 15 years of service. Fundamental parameters such as luminous flux and light intensity do not change as the operation time goes on. It should be mentioned for comparison that light intensity decrease of such lamps as high-pressure mercury arc lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp with smooth reflector is up to 40-60% of the parameters of new lamp and highest decrease speed of luminous flux is registered within the first 100-200 hours.
  • Uninterrupted luminous flux is provided with decrease of power consumption up to 4-5 times in comparison with the lamps of other types.
  • Absolute ecological safety (no special terms of utilization are required).
  • High reliability, mechanical performance and vibration stability.
  • Illumination has the emitted spectrum similar to sun light and higher contrast effect.
  • No any stroboscopic effect that prevents the eyes tiredness.
  • Stability to line voltage fluctuations.
  • Permanent operation capability at any environmental conditions.


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